switch on your mind!

Finding stuff out is more fun when you can do it yourself, right?

How about a museum where you can touch everything, run around, and make your own discoveries?

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Energy and Electricity

Ever wanted to control lightning?
Launch a hot air balloon?

Find out how stuff works by making it work yourself!

You don’t even have to wait until you visit - you can start at home...

Alka Seltzer Rockets

Lift off with this fun experiment!
what you will need - empty film canister
- alka seltzer tablet
- warm water

instructions Make sure you only try this experiment outside!

1. Put the alka seltzer tablet into the film canister

2. Pour about 1cm of warm water into the canister

3. Firmly press on the canister lid

4. Place your rocket lid-down on the ground, stand back and watch it fly!
how does it work? When the water is added to the alka seltzer tablet, small bubbles of carbon dioxide gas are formed. The small canister makes an enclosed space, where the gas builds up. Gas likes to be in a large a space as possible so it pushes against the inside of the rocket. As more gas is made, the pressure in the rocket goes up until it is strong enough to force against the seal of the lid and shoot the rocket up into the air. We have liftoff!

Generate your own electricity to power different things, operate our giant pop gun, see if your hand is steady enough to complete the wiggly wire without setting off the buzzer...

that's just the beginning,

what will you discover?

Earth and Space

Do you think you can move a half-ton granite ball with one finger? Or control a whirlwind?

With our Earth and Space exhibits you can!

Experience a virtual tour through outer space in our digital planetarium, see how a planet gets sucked into a black hole, watch a beach ball float in mid air, and more.

You can start your Earth and Space discovery by controlling the weather at home...

Fog from a Jar

Create your own mysterious fog!
what you will need - large jar
- hot water
- sieve
- ice cubes

instructions 1. Fill the jar with hot water

2. Pour out most of the water, leaving 2-3 cm

3. Place the sieve over the top of the jar and put a few ice cubes in it

4. Watch as an eerie fog forms!

how does it work? The cold air from the ice cubes makes the water from the warm, moist air in the jar condense, creating a fog. This is the same as when the mirror fogs up when you have a hot shower!

Black holes, rockets, an indoor stream, mist in a valley...

that's just the beginning,

what will you discover?


Biology is the study of living things.
Plants, animals... even you!

Watch our ant colony go about their daily business and compare it to yours, try your skill at the pitcher’s mound, and compare yourself against our previous visitors with our interactive biology exhibits.

You can’t really change your biology but you can make yourself taller for a while at home...

Tin Can Stilts

Make yourself taller with two empty tins!
what you will need - two empty baked bean tins (or similar ones)
- old towels or rags
- hammer
- nail
- thin rope

instructions Make sure you have a grown up to help with the hammer and nail!

1. Stuff an old towel or rag into each tin

2. Use the hammer and nail to make two holes on opposite sides of the tin, near the closed end

3. Cut two pieces of rope that are about the same length of your body

4. Thread the end of one of the ropes through one of the holes in a tin from the outside to the inside and tie a knot - the knot will be hidden inside the tin

5. Do the same with the other end of the rope

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other tin

7. Carefully step onto the closed ends of the tins, hold on to the ropes and start stilt walking!

be careful! This activity definitely needs help from a grown up - don’t try it on your own!

The part of the tin where the holes are made may be sharp - it may help to put masking tape over them to protect your fingers.

Build a human body, find out how your heart keeps your blood pumping, test your reflexes against the starting pistol...

that's just the beginning,

what will you discover?

Light and Perception

Ever wondered what your ghost might look like?
Or wanted to shake hands with yourself?

Explore and experiment with light in our dedicated darkened play area.

If you can’t wait until you get here, you can try making your own rainbow at home....

Indoor Rainbow

The pot of gold is the fun of a rainbow inside!
what you will need - a glass of water
- sheet of white paper
- torch

instructions 1. Place the glass on the sheet of paper

2. Fill the glass almost to the top with water

3. Shine the torch through the water and move it around until a rainbow appears on the paper

how does it work? Normal white light is made up of all of the colours of the rainbow together. When light travels through different materials (the air, then the water, then the air again) it travels at different speeds and changes direction. Because the different colours have different wavelengths some change direction more than others, so the beam of light splits into the colours of the rainbow.

Trick people into thinking your head has been served on a plate, look into infinity, print your shadow onto the wall...

that's just the beginning,

what will you discover?